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2019-01-22 07:42:23 | Profile
This song gets me everytime


2018-11-20 09:14:44 | Profile
Luke Combs, you are the man!


2018-10-26 14:39:16 | Profile
Such an amazing voice and powerful lyrics. Every song hes done is amazing!

Celina Silberpfau

2018-10-04 16:37:24 | Profile
Whoever broke your heart is probably regretting.

Martin Folson

2018-10-03 13:36:23 | Profile
Stop being so perfect! Love this song, too!


2018-09-29 20:44:05 | Profile
I am the same way my girl is good like yours she made me lose my though and what I meant to say I want to be with you and say I love you is that


2018-09-28 04:11:41 | Profile
i want meet you do you know a place where kids that 10 years old can go


2018-09-25 01:39:08 | Profile
Dont text and drive!


2018-09-24 16:40:00 | Profile
Can you believe Luke never touched a guitar till he was 21....heres to all the late bloomers like myself...I started 1 year ago at 37

David Vilatuña

2018-09-14 18:22:54 | Profile
This is the worst video for this song, I love this song and now all I can think about is how you killed her in the end wtf is that shit! To be clear I think its a bad choice the video itself was made well

Eric Avissar

2018-09-09 04:20:34 | Profile
Who is here after the voice