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Alevtina Evgenevna

2019-03-02 01:07:16 | Profile
The Anthem for the 263 million kids now on prescription drugs- just to "calm them down" You can google that number, it is what it is.

Mariemi Raupp

2018-10-18 23:23:29 | Profile
I used to have a VHS tape "80s hits" and it had a video of this and I could swear the backing vocals were done by a black woman ?

jasminaaa aaa

2018-10-17 21:28:54 | Profile
whos the yng boy in black leather?


2018-10-14 23:57:11 | Profile
\omg he is so young and he like me had hair lol

kace c

2018-10-05 07:32:18 | Profile
not only legion is a good show but have good test in music

Ира Хорошунец

2018-09-30 06:17:13 | Profile
That is the very talented Adele Bertei, who collaborated with Thomas Dolby fairly often, and sang backing vocals on a few of the tracks from this album, "The Flat Earth."


2018-09-29 22:33:12 | Profile
Legion brought me here


2018-09-12 11:11:12 | Profile
The woman who provides the secondary vocal is Louise Ulfstedt. She is credited in the final release and the vocal on the final track and the video here is clearly the same, if a different performance.

Graziela Amorim

2018-09-10 11:06:11 | Profile
I get hyperactive when I drink too much coffee or eat to much sugar


2018-08-23 18:56:56 | Profile
Mister Robertson always surprises me...

Delbert Jenkins

2018-08-11 09:10:58 | Profile
Add more later, like this, park hill.


2018-08-07 21:18:01 | Profile
When music was still real... Brilliant musicianship.